Don't know any male libra's but that's my match . He's going in my book

The Astrology Guru - Pisces compatibility with Libra. So true we hardly argue and if we do, it is short and over fast. We love art, music and beautiful items (furniture, animals). Hmmm this is interesting ;

My best friend is a Libra and I'm a pisces! :)

Well if this isn't accurate IDK what is. Image via We Heart It first best friend is a a Sagittarius.

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When the Zodiac Signs have a crush...(I'm a Libra and this is so true)

When the Zodiac Signs have a crush.(I'm a Libra and this is so true) // P true (◡‿◡✿) ~Cancer

♓️+♉️= ❤️ And they are a  percent accuracy and it's so funny  because my crush is a ♉️and I am a ♓️

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Whaaat?! A crab can't stand a goat?! Reaaaalllly! I actually get along with them pretty well. Not quite true.  I can't stand Librans eh? :D

LOL my Mother is an Aries.<---not true I'm a cancer and my best friends are taurus and capricorn also a Sagittarius>>my mom is a Leo and my best friend is a scorpio