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Lexus Suv Models

It has new LED head and fog lamp. In the Lexus SUV models, this car has slightly bigger than the other model.

1984 Toyota BJ 40 - Land Cruiser BJ40 *restauriert | Classic Driver Market

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Featured Post: Toyota Venza review The Toyota Venza gives up all SUV styling pretenses in favor of big-hatchback utility and a truly car-like atmosphere. If you're trying to place the 2015 Toyota Venza into a nice neat category you might want to give up and simply embrace its usefulness. It isn't a station wagon and it's no SUV; yet it has higher seat height than a car and available all-wheel drive. Even more so than other crossover utes it refuses to be defined so easily. That's how…

Hot on the heels of leaked images of the updated 2016 Toyota Land Cruiser comes new images of the big SUV’s corporate cousin, the 2016 Lexus LX 570. Both vehicles trace their roots back to the 2008 model year, when they were introduced as all-new models, and both were given updates for 2013...