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2018 Lexus GX 460 -

Newest is a very comfortable vehicle on the inside with high-end luxury but with a little bit of off-road prowess that you might not really need with this sort of a car, but will not mind having.

Black Bear Pass CO #ih8mud #offroad #wheeling #Lexus #gx470

Black Bear Pass CO #ih8mud #offroad #wheeling #Lexus #gx470

Lifted Lexus GX470 on 305/60R18

A little in a lifted GX - ClubLexus - Lexus Forum Discussion

Metal-tech 4X4 added 6 new photos. The Lexus GX470 Rear swing out bumper from Metal-tech 4x4. More photos here

The Lexus Rear swing out bumper from Metal-tech Pegasus is a one piece no cut rear bumper w/integrated pull points and built in pockets.