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Stunner Levi Jackson stops by the floor of photographer Andreas Constantinou for a showstopping portrait series.

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Just do it! Don't pass by this pin, when you saw it you said save if for later... SO... JUST DOIT!

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Ways Of Seeing By Cecilie Harris. / Ways Of Seeing / Editorial / Boys by Girls

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The Goth Hipster - I hate the word hipster... it's so derogatory, surely there are some who overdo a style, but that is their business and choice to do so. No need to look down on them with scorn.

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Ezra miller's gorgeous in We Need To Talk About Kevin even if he is a psyhotic mass murderer

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I'm waiting for you guys: Newt, Jem Carstairs, Jace Herondale, Minho, number Eight, Will Herondale, Day Wing, Patch Cipriano, Peeta Mellark, Tobias Eaton, Percy Jackson, Finnick Odair, Simon Lewis, Augustus Waters... I will die alone.

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