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this made me laugh way too hard XD / GIF

28 Animals That Are Really Trying To Be Your Friend If You'll Just Let Them

levi snk omg i love them just found them attack on titan eren jaeger funny snk gifs i dont own these gifs << xD omg!

I was summoning Levi....funny, text, Eren, sacrifice, cleaning products; Attack on Titan

How to summon Levi to your house: sponges - check! picture of Eren on phone - check! now where have those brooms got to? Levi: * runs out of house with every thing else you were looking for and had*

Eren, Levi, red button, funny, text; Attack on Titan

Im on an Attack on Titan page at the moment, so have fun seeing a LOT of AOT things XD

I literally had to stop the video to control my breathing from seeing Levi ALREADY 3 SECONDS WHEN SEEING HIM!!

Well, I mean, when he appeared for like two minutes in the first episode, I only rewatched the scene ten times, so I'm not that bad off.

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This happened with my family once! But my brother deleted the 100 slide.

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Lol seriously that scarf is probably more of a hindrance to Mikasa than her long hair would've been, on the other hand, I don't think Levi‘s cravat is that long so he should be okay, might end up with it in his mouth every now and then though

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Nope im just pinning cuz he is so cute<<<is he holding grumpy cat?