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Capacitive Fluid Level Sensor

Capacitive Fluid,Fluid Level,Level Sensor,Electronics

from eBay

New Rain Water sensor water Level Sensor module Depth of Detection for Arduino

New Rain Water Sensor Water Level Sensor Module Depth of Detection for Arduino | eBay

$14.38 (Buy here: ) Fish Tank Water Liquid Level Sensor Floating Ball 5.5" Diameter Red for just $14.38

Standard and Extended Temperature Optomax Series Liquid Level Sensors

$22.94 (Buy here: ) 3 Pcs Zs4510 45Mm Long Liquid Water Level Sensor Vertical Mount Floating Switch for just $22.94

Automated feeding systems are widely used in broilers, layers, ducks, gooses farming. Main feeding system is a complete set of automatic feeding system, including a material conveying pipe,silo, auger, drive motor and a material level sensor. Guys and girls, welcome to contact me: mail: whatsapp:+8618739946275

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Buy Tevo Black Widow Large OpenBuild Aluminium Extrusion 3D Printer Kit with BLTouch Auto level sensor touch