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Even though those people helped you through so much and they don't even know it, you have to let them go

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30 Quotes about letting go

Can't compete with perfect. Wouldn't want to if I could. You will always be in the wrong to someone who is always right!

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I tend to see the best in people I care about regardless of them hurting me. Only when I am walked all over will I let go.

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Be Our Guest Fridays {25}: Self-Care & Letting Toxic People Go by Books in the Burbs

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seriously, if it’s sucking the life out of you, stop giving it attention. if it’s a job, you need to quit. if it’s a person, cut them out. if it’s an activity, by all means, STOP. stop letting anything but YOU take the wheel. you’re going to be okay. time WILL pass. get outta there and make your dreams a reality. you don’t deserve anxiety, you’re not operating at your best when someone or something ELSE is in control. take over. get some good vibes cranking and just be...

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Everything seems to be relating to my life today. I think this is a sign I am sad and I need to change some things in my life

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I'm wishing you a happy birthday but don't expect any messages from me this year. I'm letting go of the past. I'm letting go of you.

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