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30 Days of Writing Prompts -- Starting April 1st im going to be doing the 30 days of writing prompts and posting them on Wattpad X3 follow me @crazi_azn911

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Words Quotes

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The picture from Pinterest that gave me the inspiration. I have no idea who's picture this is. If it is yours, feel free to claim it!

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thank you to @JaneBackhouse we may have never met but you made my day :) your lovely and I can't repay you but thank you sorry I couldn't comment back it wont let me :) but thank you so much :) from -Luc

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Perfect gift for boyfriend or husband on Valentine's day or and anniversary. Write out letters to your husband for him to open at different times throughout the year. My husband loved this!

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Can You Use The Law Of Attraction To Get Your Ex Back

You broke up with your boyfriend, and now you want to know how to get him back. Depending on your circumstance, and if there is a slight chance of hope, you may be able to save your relationship using the law of attraction. It may take time, and you'll need patience, but following the right steps will help. Click on this image now to find out more

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