We had so much fun with this Rainbow Hop Letter Sounds Game! This life-size board game is a fantastic way to move and learn alphabet sounds and counting!

Rainbow Hop Letter Sounds Game

Great idea to learn AND get the kids moving Rainbow Hop Letter Sounds Alphabet Game. Practice letter sounds with this fun literacy learning activity!

Beginning Sound Blackout (8 free boards) from The Measured Mom

Review letter sounds with Beginning Sound Blackout (8 free boards!)

Three objects beginning with the same letter are placed in a bag (such as ball, bug, and button for B). The leader pulls each item out of the bag, names each item, and the class guesses the mystery letter

Learning Letter Sounds

Mystery Letter Bag - Place three objects that begin with the same letter into a bag (ex. ball, bug, button for B). A student pulls each item out of the bag, names the item, and the class guesses the mystery letter.

Letter Sounds Alphabet Game. A fun and effective way to learn letter sounds!

Printable Letter Sounds Alphabet Board Game

Print these no-prep games for some fun letter sounds review! Such a great beginning sounds activity.

Use these free games for some letter sounds review!

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Kindergarten Phonics Intervention Free Download

Popsicle Beginning Sound Match ! A sweet hands-on way for preschoolers and kindergartners to lay a foundation for reading!

Popsicle Beginning Sound Match

Beginning Letter Sounds: Free Matching Cards. Great literacy center or ABC game.

Beginning Letter Sounds: Free Matching Cards