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Bright and colorful jelly bean science

Children sort beans into different colours. Then choose a colour of bean to put in a cup, add water, observe over time.


19 Letter J Activities for Preschoolers

Letter j activities for preschoolers is a popular topic that readers search my site for. Crazy, right? As you know I have letter of the week crafts that I share on my site, as well as snacks and do…


Amazing Alphabet: Letter J (3

Letter J Alphabet Sort Doesn’t this one look fun? It’s a Jellybean Sort for Letter J week! Just sort the jellybeans into the correct jars for some post-Easter fun. Then go ahead and eat a few real ones. Surely that’s


Letter of the Week - Letter J - Jello

J is for Jello...could do as a snack. Who doesn't like jello jigglers? Could also do different colors/mixing flavors for some fun science. More


Preschool Letter J

so many great activities! dabber activities, cut and paste, coloring, letter puzzles and some freebies as well!