Dazzle your child with this enchanting Tooth Fairy letter & envelope straight from Tooth Fairy Land and full of all the magic promise a Tooth fairy brings

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Emma lost a tooth today and she was super excited about the tooth fairy coming to visit. Here's the note that the tooth fairy left under her pillow. Can't wait to find out what Emma thinks of it. :)

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tooth fairy printable certificate - Free Printable Letter from the Tooth Fairy, instant print out and adorable for kids!

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FREE Tooth Fairy Printable for mini letter from the Tooth Fairy that can be customized to say whatever you'd like. Our daughter LOVED receiving this mini letter and envelope and has be read it over and over again.

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Tooth Fairy Letter Or Use the template for a letter from the Garden Fairy- Use names like: Rose, Lily, Lilac, Petunia, Daisey, Sweet Pea....

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A certificate from the Tooth Fairy for a child who has lost his or her first tooth!! This site has lots of adorable free printables..You can edit this certificate and print (:

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letters from the tooth fairy -- can't wait to do this for my little one!

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