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What gorgeous typography. There's something about this font that makes it so likable. Maybe it's the hint of round edge, maybe it's the simple solid colour on one and subtle gradient on the other to strike a balance. But whatever it is, it lovely.


This document shows the young crowned Henry VIII enthroned under the Tudor rose with orb and sceptre. The image might have been a stock one that had previously been deployed for Henry VII and adapted once Henry VIII came to the throne. This is one of several surviving images of the young Henry where he is clean shaven.


Chapter "For making the transformation into a Heron" from the Book of Coming Forth by Day. Papyrus of Nakht. Thebes, Egypt, Late 18th Dynasty, 1350-1300 BCE.

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Learning Basic Letter Forms {#LoveYourLettering

To get creative with our lettering, first we have to understand the basics. Today we get back to the very basic foundations and letter forms.


Typographies - Lorraine - Les Graphiquants