Learn more about signs of heartworm disease in pets and how to prevent your animal from getting the potentially life-threatening disease.

Heartworms are very serious, but the good news is that they're preventable.

Is your #dog not acting like himself? Is he vomiting, lethargic, peeing a lot or losing weight? If she has those symptoms or more, take her to the vet.

13 Health Symptoms Dog Owners Should Never Ignore

When a normally active dog becomes lethargic that's a pretty good sign of some type of physical ailment such as a stomach ache. Here are some of the signs.

Need help paying vet bills? Perhaps you need assistance with pet food. Do not worry! Here's a long list of organizations that can offer financial assistance for veterinary bills and pet food.

Lethargic dog that could have heartworm disease

Excessive panting and restlessness could be the first signs of a potentially fatal threat: hypocalcemia. Check out the symptoms, causes, and treatment here.

5 Reasons Your Pet is Lethargic (and When to Worry) | petMD

5 Reasons Your Pet is Lethargic (and When to Worry)

5 Reasons Your Pet is Lethargic (and When to Worry) | petMD

Winter is known for many things, but snuggling and being cosy is the best! Here's 5 ways to make your bedroom extra cosy in the colder months.

Diarrhea Protocol for Dogs - Ardmore Animal Hospital

Diarrhea Protocol for Dogs - Ardmore Animal Hospital

Congestive heart failure can make your dog feel weak and lethargic

Worried About Heart Failure In Your Dog? FAQS About Congestive Heart Failure

Is your furry friend just lazy or is he lethargic? Unfortunately, there's a major difference. Read this infographic to find out the difference.

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Canine Addison's Disease: Addison's disease is a rare condition that occurs in dogs when they do not produce adequate amounts of steroid hormones. #riverroadvet #addisonsdisease

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