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No I'm going to be kicked out of hell because when I get there, I' gonna go straight up to satan and say, "so, did it hurt when you fell from heaven?"

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Design for a cover of Pearson's Magazine

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are people really complaining about that lmao wtf

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Let me just give you a hint: think of the most inappropriate gesture or phrase... I'll top that! Guaranteed.

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Top 100 Bizarre Trends of 2014

omfg, there are Moomintrolls all over the wall! And i'm pretty sure that that girl is sitting with Moominpapa. OH MY GOSH THOSE THINGS WERE MY CHILDHOOOOOD

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this is amazing. it should be a tradition everywhere if more people would care enough to pick up a damn book and get off their phones for once...

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Actually if you read the books you'd know that they're all too heavy to climb the tree's delicate branches while Katniss is very light and can scale it as easily as a squirrel. So no, not a fail, just too heavyweight.

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