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Let Freedom Ring Song

spirit: stallion of the cimarron. Omg this movie was my childhood. I can't be the only one...?


Band Member One-Shot Requests [Closed] - The start of something new ~ Josh Franceschi [Camen_Happines]

my Mother gads been hazily influenced by music in her life and i feel i have grown up the same way. there are definitely certain songs that i can associate with certain memories . since i was 13 i have been attending concerts and nothing beats the feeling of feeling the bass in your chest and your ears ringing. Finding new music and following my favourites is definitely something i'm passionate about.


Song of the Lonely Mountain // The Hobbit - oooohh this is beautiful. Thanks for inspiring me, I'll start painting now... :)


Barry Manilow - Let Freedom Ring As we begin the holiday weekend, please let us not forget why we celebrate Memorial Day! Pay tribute in prayer & thanks to those who serve & served our Country. The profound lyrics of Barry Manilow's original song is the perfect anthem to remember and celebrate.

AMAZING MLK Jr. video! I can't wait to show this.. the kids LOVE flocabulary!