▶ Federleicht - On The Streets ( Kollektiv Turmstrasses Let Freedom Ring remix.) + Lyrics - YouTube

my Mother gads been hazily influenced by music in her life and i feel i have grown up the same way. there are definitely certain songs that i can associate with certain memories . since i was 13 i have been attending concerts and nothing beats the feeling of feeling the bass in your chest and your ears ringing. Finding new music and following my favourites is definitely something i'm passionate about.

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Romani Gypsy band "Svenko" from Russia. The women and children gypsies, you will notice, are barefoot a great deal of the time. I wonder if their feet don't get cold or hurt.

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It’s almost time for the 4th of July!!!!!! We have some fun plans, so I wanted to make a little dress for my daughter. This is a really simple dress to make as you use a tank top you already have and just add three layers of fabric to it. We whipped the dress up …

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Gaither Vocal Band! Let Freedom Ring [Live] - YouTube

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