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Sometimes it takes a damn site longer than it should but eventually, finally I learn. Just hope and pray it's not too late.

You only learn by the risks and chances you take, you only learn by living. Life was made so we could learn by making mistakes until we knew exactly how we should of lived life, and that is when we go to heaven.

Yes! This! So much I don't follow the trends on and really couldn't care less.

12 Emma Watson Quotes That Every Woman Should Read

Don&amp t Feel Stupid if you don&amp t like what everyone else pretends to love -Emma Watson Quotes

Don't stand up for those who are unwilling to help themselves...

Wednesday is here and it is "If you focus on the hurt, you will continue to suffer. If you focus on the lesson, you will continue to grow.

200+ Best Life Lessons To Prepare You For 2017

200+ Best Life Lessons To Prepare You For 2017

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In the world is_ Perception, Imaging, and Visual_ .a romance with truth and reality. It's perfectly alright to believe what you see_ A Word;

365 Happiness Project 2017 – Quote 61

365 Happiness Project 2017 – Quote 61