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Charles Manson follower, killer Leslie Van Houten, approved for parole

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From Home Coming Queen to Manson Follower - Leslie Van Houten


how about a movie where the manson girls see thru his B.S. & knock charlie off before Tate-LaBianca can happen, then race off in the Dune Buggies to become Psychedelic Riot Grrls in 'Frisco


Leslie Van Houten was one of Manson's followers. Maxwell Keith, Van Houten's attorney, argued that she, along with co-defendant Charles "Tex" Watson, were not culpable for their crimes since they had been brainwashed during their time with the Manson family. Van Houten's first trial ended in a hung jury; a second jury did not accept the brainwashing defense and convicted her of first degree murder.