beautiful-wildlife:  On The Hunt by Danny Sullivan

ON THE HUNT . Photography by @ (Danny Sullivan). A snow leopard in the wild. this endangered animal.

I wasn't going to just pin kitten pictures to my Cats board. There's no way I could have just looked at this picture without pinning it. I love big cats and are always the animals I look forward to seeing at the zoo.

A roaring leopard - Fierce feline who, like few others, hunting alone.

‘Until we know population numbers and carrying capacity we should not hunt them,’ Andrew Muir of the Wilderness Foundation said of the leopard-hunting ban.

South Africa imposes year-long leopard hunting ban for 2016

Conservation groups hailed the year-long ban, saying it was crucial to protecting the species given that the size of the country’s leopard population is unknown

The best-known countries for African Safaris are Tanzania, Kenya, Botswana, Namibia and South Africa. Get ready for the best African safari experience at any one of the following national parks.

6 African National Parks to Visit Before You Die

Alan M. Hunt...

Alan M Hunt Wildlife Artist Probably the best painter in the World BBC Wildlife of the Year Section Winner 2010 Artist of animal paintings portraits Big Cats

Beautiful leopard.  Credit: Unknown

Including the fastest mammal, the ability to roar, incredible hunting skills and stunning stripy and spotted coats, the big cats are some of the most recognised and admired species on our planet.

This beautiful animal is very endangered yet is still hunted for its fur!

Look at his deep blue eyes; but be careful of his big mouth and large teeth (-:

A black jaguar just hanging out:

Lazy Black Panther by Charlie Burlingame A black panther is typically a melanistic color variant of any Panthera species. Black panthers in Asia and Africa are leopards (Panthera pardus). Black panthers in the Americas are black jaguars (Panthera onca)