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love me some leo

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Leonardo Dicaprio, I don't know why but I prefer his looks during his Titanic years. Of course he is still a COMPLETE hottie now!

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What's that? You'd jump off this building for me? Oh you don't have to do that. You just have to go back in time once you are 20 to 1994 and let me convince you to give up smoking and make you fall in love with me That's all..

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Leonardo DiCaprio -Omg he was so young... I remember watching films of him when he was young

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Leonardo DiCaprio

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Romeo: ELLE Man of the Week

leonardo dicaprio in romeo + juliet

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Heart throb, Leonardo DiCaprio, plays the role as Cheshire in the Modern New York City Alice in Wonderland. Cheshire has his way of disappearing in the original Disney movie. In my version of the play, DiCaprio leaves at unexpected times in serious events. His fatal looks will leave the girls imprinted with his disappearances.

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those boys

Am I not good enough why do I even care☁️

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21 Times Leonardo DiCaprio Was So Sexy It Hurt (Photos)

*Trigger warning* I do not promote eating disorders, self harm or suicide! 20 year old Belgian BOY Hey, i'm the used to be 'Fadin-reality' this is my new blog cause my old one got banned. I'm still here for you all! I love all my followers! If you...

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