A Leo's Best Job Quality: Knows how to take over and make sure things actually get done.

Every single boss/supervisor has said that taking control and getting things done is my biggest asset☺️

14 Most Likeable Personality Traits

14 Most Likeable Personality Traits

This great infographic lists the 14 keys to be liked by everyone you meet. Skill, effort, presentation and likeability mold perception.

Im actually on a Cusp and the dates always differ when it comes to which zodiav sign starts and ends! Now I have a couple of Aries traits BUT I am a TAURUS thru and thru!

My Astrology Chart Basics: ♑Capricorn Sun Sign ♓Pisces Ascendant- Rising Moon in ♐Sagittarius Venus in Scorpio

Leo personality traits and information

Leo personality traits and information

Leos have a sense of justice and can enlighten others through the force of their judgement. They see the bigger picture and are logical.

Leo+Zodiac+Sign+Traits | Zodiac Personality Traits

Everyone knows never tell me a secret or tell me you are hurting when we are in public! I cant hide my facial expressions at all!

Leo Personality Traits in 2014

These Key Leo Traits & Characteristics are Common to 94% of Leo Signs.