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I fell in love with him not because he silenced all of my fears or made me feel so safe. I fell in love with him because he awoke a sleeping lioness within me. A wild woman who knows only passion and freedom, and laughs away her fears.


this at least goes for my man Will, I light up his world everyday and 5 minutes after he met me


Leo-- my south node sign (The South Node represents our karmic past and symbolizes innate talents. Karmically, it also represents lifetimes in which in which we've mastered certain lessons — AND where we've become so comfy, we also get stuck in the ‘lower vibration” of that sign.)


J.J.- "Tell her you love her before you leave, then stop at the door, gather her in your arms, look her in the eyes, pause and tell her once more. Then kiss her long and deep, like she matters more than whatever you are off to do; because she does." -Leo Christopher (poet)