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Napoleon and Napoleonic Wars: Napoleon Bonaparte (1769-1821) had a meteoric career in the French army which ultimately led to him becoming the first emperor of France.

"La Croix d'Honneur" - The Legion of Honour, or in full the National Order of the Legion of Honour (French: Ordre national de la Légion d'honneur) is a French order established by Napoleon Bonaparte on 19 May 1802. The Order is the highest decoration in France and is divided into five degrees: Chevalier (Knight), Officier (Officer), Commandeur (Commander), Grand Officier (Grand Officer) and Grand Croix (Grand Cross).


Legion of Honour awarded to 90 year old World War Two veteran -


Custom listing - Felt poppy brooches

Love these ... We always lose so many of the paper versions and she makes a decent donation British Legion Felt poppy brooch donation to British Legion by accidentalvix



The Ultramarines Honour Guard is a highly elite group of Marines unique to the Ultramarines Space Marine Chapter. In battle they act either as a group or as squad leaders.