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How to Legally Change Your Name Post-Wedding

Tips to help your bride legally change her name post-wedding -

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18th Birthday gift basket. On the back of each numbered gift there is a connection to what she can do now that she is 18....i.e "you can play the lottery!" with scratch offs inside, and "you can legally change your name (but I hope you keep this one)" with a monogrammed gift inside (I gave her jewelry with her initials on it). She loved it!!!!

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How to Legally Change Your Maiden Name Once and for All

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Changing Your Name Checklist

How to legally change your name after marriage... (still super on the fence about this)

How to Change Your Name in California

Find out how to legally change your name in California including information on social security, dmv and cost of changing your name.

BEST GROOMSMEN GIFT You’ll have happy, giddy attendants when you tie up Woodinville Whiskey Company’s Age-Your-Own-Whiskey Kit with a bow. Groomsmen can craft a batch of the new whiskey purveyor’s White Dog unaged liquor in the 2-liter oak barrel; the extra-small barrel works fast, so they’ll be downing perfectly aged whiskey before you finish completing the paperwork to legally change your name (or three to six months).

Change Your Name