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People believe that gay marriage and homosexual relationships are against nature. People will have delusions that their private businesses will be harmed due to simply the marriage of two same sexes.

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Equality for all. Kids that are in orphanages rarely get adopted and it's harder for them to get a family and home the older they get since most couples want babies, not older children. What's the difference if it's a gay or lesbian or straight couple trying to adopt kids into LOVING homes? Just ask a kid who's never had a family if it matters to them.

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Considering the obstacles and fewer liberties many have across the globe, it's not too much to show support for political change. In the midst of hardship, I like to remember that I am not alone; that there are others wrestling with far more devastating problems than mine. It is with great purpose that you take a stand for an ideal worth exhausting your energy on. And that is my mindset here.

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Understanding Our Basic Human Rights

Understanding Our Basic Human Rights

In a world where our human rights are consistently challenged and issues such as freedom of expression, freedom of religion, and women’s rights continue to be questioned, it is critical to support the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

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JK Rowling's answer when asked whether there were LGBT students in Hogwarts. That's an affirmative. Not to mention Dumbledore was gay!

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Greg Hogben on

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I'm straight and I'd love to go to pride because I can. I'd love to go for those who can't, to show support.

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