Nellie Edge Seminars and Kindergarten-Friendly Handwriting: Consider sharing this information with families. We like to understand the special needs of the left-handed child and remind children of all of the important and creative people who were left handed. . . Queen Victoria, Bach the composer, and our president, Barack Obama.

Left handed letter formation guide and resources. Let's not forget the left-handed kids : )

Recent left-handed presidents include; Gerald R. Ford, Bill Clinton and Barack Obama.

Left-Handedness Loses Its Stigma but Retains Its Mystery

SOUTHPAW Here’s some fun facts about being a southpaw! 1. We...

# 6 - I always am amazed at the way commentators talk after a Presidential speech (any President).

Of the last ten presidents, five have been left-handed. That might not mean much until you consider that the global percentage of left-handed people is about 10%. So among the general population, only 1 in 10 people are left-handed, while in the modern-era White House, 1 in 2 have been left-handed.

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Did you know...

Did you know…

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Israel’s prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu is left-handed (on the right here, another hook-hander, seen with fellow lefty ex-president of the USA Bill Clinton).

Clinton AND Note that Binyamin Netanyahu is left-handed, too — very handy for writing Hebrew.

President Hugo Chavez Frias of Venezuela is left handed

Left handed presidents, prime ministers and national leaders.

Barack Obama, 44th President of the United States

Famous left handers

There are many left-handers well known by society and culture. Here is a complete list of Famous.

Yeah for lefties!  Only 10% of the world is left handed.  We live in a right handed world but we are in good company.  4 of the last 7 presidents were left handed.  Hmmmm

Yeah for lefties! Only of the world is left handed. We live in a right handed world but we are in good company. 4 of the last 7 presidents were left handed.

Because left-handed people can use both sides of their brain more readily, Dr. Oz says, they can process information coming into their brain in different ways more easily. "That's why athletes do so well when they're left-handed. And there are a lot of presidents who have been left-handed, and there are a lot of folks who, because they can deal with a lot of complicated issues at once, work pretty effectively," he says.

Dr. Oz Answers Your Questions

There are more left handed U.S. presidents, percentage-wise, than the typical population

There have been far more left handed presidents of the United States than the normal percentage in the population Left-Handed Salute  (I'm so sick of the stupid republicans who never bother to look anything up.  This ones for you knuckle heads.)  They have passed around a fake picture for 5 years.  Low IQ's (On their version-it's photo shopped to show the Obama's with their left hand over their hearts.  Stupid, ridiculous, republican'ts.)

A photograph showing Barack and Michelle Obama saluting the U. flag with their left hands is just another digitally flipped image.