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Left-Handed People Have More Fun [Infographic]

Impressive... Not really. That would be if I got worked up any time someone wrote right handed...


13 Whiny Things You'll Probably Hate Me For Whining About

How sometimes the whole world seems to be conspiring against me and my left-handedness. | 13 Whiny Things You'll Probably Yell At Me For Whining About


the day to day tasks can be wearing. left-handed tools, etc. would prevent many accidents. and what's with the dying younger? this isn't the only place i've read it.


15 Facts About Left Handed People. I Bet You Didn't Know #6...

Famous Left Handers T-Shirt and Sweatshirt


aaron's left handed. i'm right handed. i think it's genius that he's with me.. does that count?


77 Amazing Facts That Will Make You The Most Interesting Person In The Room

Ch 17- "You're left handed, Mr. Ewell" said Judge Taylor. Mr. Ewell turned angrily to the judge and said he didn't see what his being left-handed had to do with i, that he was a Christ fearing man and Atticus Finch was taking advantage of him" (Lee 237) Man vs. Man: Mr. Ewell vs Atticus