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should read 'on my own' i am never alone. Thank God

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I get upset easily, I get anxiety easily, I get depressed easily, I get too attached easily, I push myself away too fast, I worry to much, I cry alone too often, I hate myself more every day.

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Christmas Countdown – Day Three

Man this is totally something I'd do if I were left alone to long... And I love the rainbow colors.

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Adorable pictures of orphaned baby sloths enjoying a VERY slow life

This lovable creature is one of many being cared for by volunteers at the Sloth Institute in Costa Rica, many of whom wouldn't have stood a chance if left alone in the wild

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i am who i am. i like what i like. i love what i love. i do what i want. get off my back and deal with it. it's my life, not yours

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