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I'm so fucking done with life but the worst part is that I can't even fucking leave because I don't know how that would affect anyone and what comes afterwards. Not that I fucking matter to anyone as it is. Not that anyone even cares about me. Not that I come first for anyone. Not that my existence matters. Everyone's out to get me. I'm an idiot because I push everyone away. Making it worse.


You are now following blogs that I have followed forever. Are you a designer, you did not know who Becky Jarvis was, she should have been your boss, who are you? Just find your own things, and leave me alone. I'm not kidding.Hun, Dear, Hugs, and Friend. Poor Kathy. Leave me alone!I have asked so nicely, you choose to stalk me. Find someone else, I mean it, you are frightening me.

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See THIS is what Sarah SHOULD have done. "Forget Toby, come steal me away and we shall rule the Goblin Kingdom together, as King and Queen. Leave the whining brat here alone."