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31 Days to Learn ASL

You've been dying to learn ASL forever! Now you can! You'll learn not only vocabulary, but also grammar and all the skills the go along with ASL. For FREE! Pin so you can have easy access to all 31 lessons

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Free American Sign Language Courses on ASL's site. Each course equals .5 credit for American high school or 4 University semester hour credits.

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Daily 5 Series: Word Work

Daily 5 Series: Word Work - Use sign language with a partner to spell words. Partner reads the signs to know the word.

Want to Learn Sign Language? Check Out These Free Online Resources

Learn sign language for free with these online classes, apps, charts, and games that will teach you everything from the basics to complete phrases.

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Mr. C's books are fun stories for kids that will easily teach American Sign Language, ASL. Each of the children's stories is filled with positive life lessons. You will be surprised how many signs your kids will learn! Give your child a head-start to learning ASL as a second or third language. There are fun, free activities to be found at

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