Make a track with cubes & program the Bee-Bot to move accurately around it (",)

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Learn how to make mobile robots with Raspberry Pi

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Invitation to Play with Blocks

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"Start Unplugged! Coding in Early Years" great article with educational games connecting computational thinking with physical action.

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Aliens, Robots & Monsters

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Nutcracker Themed Food: Strawberry Mice

These strawberry mice make super cute kids party food - perfect for a Nutcracker party - fun food recipe with video tutorial from Eats Amazing

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We drew lines and corners onto stones using a nail varnish pen and we used these to make shapes, lines, trails and even roads. The children really enjoyed seeing how long they could make the road and wondered if Mr Bee Bot Robot would be able to follow the line. Lots of questions being asked, problems being solved and working #together happening in preschool during this activity. #eyfs

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Aliens, Robots & Monsters

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