Lean body protein shake

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#detox water recipe - Detox water works for flushing out all the unwanted stuff from body thereby keeping you healthy; hence, they work equally great in keeping you fit and maintaining a lean figure. #diet

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Add these 12 foods to your diet to help you work towards a lean, fit body! Click the image and check out more of our clean eating ideas!

Get slim, shapely legs and thighs with this 29 minute skinny legs workout. An at home summer routine to tone your lower body and help you get lean, strong and sexy legs fast! http://www.spotebi.com/workout-routines/skinny-legs-workout-slim-toned-legs-for-summer/

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A healthy body contains fat of around 13% for women and around 5% for men. As you can see, it's not a lot. Lean muscles and bones contribute more to the total weight of a person as compared to fat. This is the reason why athletes, who look lean, are found to weigh more than people who are not so lean.

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Isagenix gets it! I've never felt better. This company knows that aging is caused by toxins in your body, poor food quality, deficiency, and stress! Guess what? They combat all of them!

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