Листья из ткани, выкройка

Nice templates for leaves! Mollie makes, Felt Leaf Template--cut out of craft foam to make stamp or embossing plate.

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Art Painting by Arina Jansen van Vuuren incorporates inspiration from the subject of Still Life when working on their Paintings. View other Still Life inspired Paintings by Arina Jansen van Vuuren in our Contemporary Modern Art Gallery.

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Dioon edule A cycad native to Mexico with leaf coloration from light green to sage to blue-gray. A slow-growing plant that can live to years old, it is great for the climate at Peckerwood, as it can withstand the occasional hard freeze.

Get ready to craft & decorate with these Fall Leaf patterns I drew! Use them for painting, crafting, appliques and more!

Fall Leaf Pattern Printables

Nine different fall leaf patterns to use for Fall crafting, painting, appliques, embroidery, and more!

Seamless Leaves Pattern Collection for Premium Members

Seamless Leaves Pattern Collection for Premium Members

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8x10 Black Mid-century modern leaf collection. Like snowflakes, no two are the same. This original, hand-pulled linoleum block print of a leaf

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Palm Leaf Pattern Bath Mat

Palm Leaf Pattern Bath Mat