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Le Creuset in Purple (@Sadie Behrens this is for you!! My mom has one of these in orange and they got it for their wedding.. i.e. it lasts forever).


Le Creuset Cookware

Le Creuset has been making premium quality cast iron since 1925 at their foundry in northern France. Each piece is hand crafted and made from the finest materials to give you long lasting durability


A Visit to the Le Creuset Factory

A visit to the Le Creuset factory... an intriguing 'behind the scenes' story by David Lebovitz.


5 Big-Ticket Splurges That Are Not Worth It (and 5 That Are)

Cast-Iron Cookware Why it’s worth it: These heavy-duty enamel-coated cast-iron pots work on any cooking surface and retain heat very well so you can use them to serve. Bonus: They have a limited lifetime warranty. They’re heavy, but luckily, they’re pretty enough to leave on your stove when you’re not using them.Le Creuset fennel round French ovens, from $195