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A high-nutrient diet is by far the most effective method of reducing cholesterol while avoiding side effects. A dietary intervention study using Dr Fuhrman's recommended eating style found that LDL cholesterol was reduced by 33% in just 6 weeks


The vitamins & minerals in bamboo shoots are ideal for improving the body’s immune system. It contains high amounts of potassium highly beneficial as an electrolyte & is very good for lowering & maintaining blood pressure. According to studies, phytosterols & phytonutrients found in shoots are ideal for dissolving harmful LDL cholesterol. Bamboo is rich in B-complex vitamins, good in minerals, especially manganese & copper with small amounts of calcium, iron, & phosphorus. #dherbs…


Cholesterol lowering foods include oat bran, flax seeds, garlic, almonds, walnuts, whole barley, and green tea. Below is a detailed list of foods which lower "bad" LDL cholesterol, while leaving the good HDL cholesterol largely unaffected. #reducecholedterol


We live using Fennel in our raw meals and raw juices and so should you. 1)Great for anemia. 2) Facilitates digestion. 3)Cures diarrhea 4)Relieves renal colic 5)Eliminates bad breath 6)Prevents constipation 7) Lowers LDL cholesterol 8)Protects against cancer 9)Reduces pms symptoms 10)Boosts immune system 11)Promotes eye and respiratory health Juice cleanse


The six foods that will cut your cholesterol in just three months... and you don't have to give up cheese, chocolate or breakfast eggs

The BIG SIX: TV sports presenter Gabby Logan, right, is backing the drive to lower Britain's cholesterol using these six food groups


Boil Lemons And Drink The Liquid As Soon As You Wake Up – You Will Be Shocked By The Effect!

We be that you will really love this one. Try this ultimate German recipe. It unclogs arteries, and reduces bad (LDL) cholesterol. Using a remedy like this is the greatest thing you can do to your body. It is the simplest of all methods. Finish reading this article, and your life will change for good.This…