Unfortunately for you not much said is good. Disrespectful is your middle name and laziness is your game.

He absolutely failed! His wife and kids will never trust him or depend on him or his word ever again. His new wife is oblivious and naive to think he honors his word. We are proof to that. You had a family. You chose poorly.

In his book The Lazy Husband, Joshua Coleman provides help for wives and advice for husbands about sharing chores.

A Book Review of "The Lazy Husband" Offers Tips for a Balanced Relationship

The stress level in your marriage and home will rise if you divide chores unevenly. Here& how to avoid chore-based conflict in a marriage.

This one is for my lazy husband who thinks he helps around the house!

Week In Review: The Godfather Edition

so true! Funny Confession Ecard: I don't have a 'honey-do' list. I have a 'I'll freaking do it myself' list. And guess what? Shit gets done.

I guess not. Husband works hard at job. Funny. Me too. I make dinner, raise child. But getting nose out of device at the end of the day gets old real quick while I finish my life job at home.. Sigh.

story of my life.and moms. But seriously I think I am the only one who changes to toilet paper.

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Free and Funny Family Ecard: By all means, please, leave everything you've touched today laying around the house.

Yes, can I have the number to the 'How to get my lazy husband off his ass' hotline?

Yes, can I have the number to the How to get my lazy husband off his ass hotline? Paul today its really pissing me off.

How Do I Get My Lazy Husband to Help With Housework?

How Do I Get My Lazy Husband to Help With Housework?

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We could finally go on the adventures no one wants to do with us and watch our favorite tv series and fan girl/boy at them. |   See More about lazy husband, rules of engagement and a team.

I found the male version of me and it's pretty epic! Haha for sure a great friend for life no matter what

How to Motivate a Lazy Husband

These tips on how to motivate a lazy husband will help you decide if it’s worth pushing him, or if it’s time to cut him loose and move on.

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"Mine didn't even know I ever cleaned the shower or the toilet. He just thought they stayed clean all on their own! There must be cleaning fairies!

To the clueless ones... don't ever get lazy or she'll get gone.

Men, if you're wondering why she no longer treats you like a king. "Do I still treat her like a queen?" this is soo true for me right now!

I'm Sorry I Failed To Acknowledge That One Time You Did The Dishes!

I'm sorry I failed to acknowledge that one time you did the dishes. I'm a little annoyed that you failed to acknowledge that one time I did the dishes too.