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21 Long Haircuts with Layers for Every Type of Texture

Hair coloring has to be done at intervals, based on the form of hair color that you elect for. Mind well, that an incorrect hair color can instantly destroy your looks.

Transfixing 3D Paper Patterns by Maud Vantours

Transfixing 3D Paper Patterns by Maud Vantours

French artist Maud Vantours creates fascinating cut paper art featuring eye-popping colors and geometric patterns. She has more paper art on her Behance po

Layered Sculpture. I like the idea of layering. As you have to put each layer in order by from the sides it becomes disorder.

Amazing Multi-Layered Sculptures

Multi-layered sculptures - by Micheal Murphy . Michael Murphy challenges the boundaries between the second and third dimensions in his art. What appears to be a painting is, in fact, a series of dissected layers, forming…

desmemórias - lucas simões This is a perfect Inspiration for the GCSE question on Disguises

Experiments in Photography by Lucas Simões

UNPORTRAIT BY LUCAS CHIMELLO SIMÕES Brazilian artist Lucas Chimello Simões creates cut-outs by stacking layers of the same photo and then cutting shapes out to create a collage effect.

the layered look

20 Lovely Medium Length Haircuts for 2017: Meidum Hair Styles for Women

Welcome to today’s up-date on the best long bob hairstyles for round face shapes – as well as long, heart, square and oval faces, too! I’ve included plenty of wavy long bob hairstyles for fine hair and for thick hair, layered long inverted bob hairstyles

reminds me of the state of the wall paper befor we renivated - this could then be heated textiles

Peeling Walls They're Sophisticated, Timeworn & Aged To Perfection

different layers, same photo different orientations and colour, use layers, 3D

Taking cut outs of an image and filling the holes with secondary images that are the same but in a different colour. Creates an idea of layers - Lucas Chimello Simões

This painting is so mysterious and interesting. I like how only one color, and different hues were used to create the layers

Mysterious Assemblages - Eva Eun-Sil Han

Mysterious Assemblages – Eva Eun-Sil Han I like the layering like fish scales or feathers, and subtle marks on each.

hand-cut paper microorganisms by charles clary

Hand-Cut Paper Microorganisms by Charles Clary (Colossal)

laughingsquid: “ Layered Cut Paper Sculptures Inspired by Nature ” Paper cut art is so fantastical.

installation - could put different shapes within transparencies, would have to look from one angle.

Nobuhiro Nakanishi

Beautiful idea Layer series by Nobuhiro Nakanishi - He photographs a scene or object repeatedly over time, then laser prints each shot and mounts them onto acrylic. Change is captured in each frame