The Law of Sines is used to find the missing sides and angles of acute and obtuse triangles in certain situations. This packet is designed to teac...

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Intuition For The Law Of Sines | BetterExplained Great for tutoring or explaining trig past the unit circle to kids

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Getting serious in trigonometry with these law of sines notes...organize ideas and practice right away.

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Illuminations: Law of Sines and Law of Cosines

This is a bundle of my Trigonometry, Angles of Elevation and Depression, Law of Sines Notes as well as my Sine-Cosine-Tan Riddle Worksheet! ****...

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Right Triangles Unit - The Laws of Cosines & Sines Notes, Practice & Riddle Mini-BundleIn this Money-Saving Mini-Bundle you will get:1) The Law of Sines Notes and Practice.2) The Law of Cosines Notes and Practice.3) The Law of Sines Riddle Practice Worksheet.4) The Law of Cosines Riddle Practice Worksheet.Each set of notes includes teacher notes (with an answer key), student notes and a homework assignment (with an answer key).Each riddle includes 12 questions where students are...

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Geometry- Trig Law of Sines task Cards from CoolMath - FunMath on - (11 pages) - Law Of Sines Task cards With and Without QR's

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