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Law of attraction love tips for attracting love include showing gratitude. Being grateful for what you already have makes you feel happier. Your level of vibration increases, and you feel full of optimism. This energy goes out into the universe attracting love into your life. For more inspiring tips to help you make the law of attraction work visit


I'm going to try this in 2015. How about you? The worst that could happen is you wouldn't meet your goal. #lawofattractionquotes


Expectation is a powerful attractive force, because it draws things to you. As Bob Proctor says, "Desire connects you to the thing desired and expectation draws it into your life." Expect the things you want, and don't expect things you don't want. What do you expect now? The Law of Attraction! Love this :)


How to Attract a Specific Person - Law of Attraction for Love

You can attract a specific person with the law of attraction. Love doesn't have to wait. Find out how to attract a specific person to come back…