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John Kobal Foundation :: Stan Laurel offers Oliver Hardy a light in this MGM publicity portrait, late

Laurel and Hardy <3 this says it all! :-)

Laurel and Hardy , Stan Laurel made his stage debut at the Britannia Panopticon in

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Laurel and Hardy

Stan Laurel and Oliver Hardy. Stan was a British comedy actor born in Ulverston, Cumbria. He was at one time the understudy for Charlie Chaplin.

Laurel and Hardy in Way Out West

Oliver: Well, fan my brow! I'm from the South! Mary Roberts: You are? Stan: Well, shut my mouth! I'm from the South too! Oliver: The South of what, sir? Stan: The South of London.

Laurel and Hardy - I loved watching them with my Grandad

Can You Stand Some More Stan?

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hollywoodlady:  Rare color photo of Stan Laurel and Oliver Hardy.

hollywoodlady: “ Rare color photo of Stan Laurel and Oliver Hardy.