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Latino People

from NBC News

Trump targeted Mexicans, now Latino vote surge may wall him out

This article discusses the backlash Donald Trump is receiving from Latino voters due to his policies of building a wall and cracking down on immigration. This fits well into the Women In Politics chapter of the textbook because while Trump has made unnecessary comments about Latinos, he's also made rude comments about women. So while the lives of Latino people in general could be in danger under a Trump presidency, the lives of Latina women are moreso because of the sexism that Trump…

from The Huffington Post

How to Effectively Antagonize Latino People on Cinco De Mayo

Ah, Cinco De Mayo. I can smell it now: the tacos, the margaritas, the racism. Cinco De Mayo is about Mexicans, but all other Latinos get lumped in with ...

from The Huffington Post

‘Affirmative Action Bake Sale’ Prompts Outrage At The University Of Texas

The sale charged white people more for baked goods than black and Latino people.

from TechCrunch

POCIT: 7 Black Engineers You Need To Know

There's a misconception in Silicon Valley that there aren't enough talented black and Latino people to hire. My intention with this weekly series, People of..

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