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Latino Meaning

~The Greek alphabet, the script of English today, is based on the Kemetic alphabet of Ancient Egypt/Kemet and the Upper Nile Valley of Ancient Africa. Ancient Egyptians called their words MDW NTR, or ‘Metu Neter,” which means divine speech. The Greeks called it, ‘hieroglyphics"- a Greek word. The etymology of hieroglyphics is sacred (hieros) carvings (glyph) ~*

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Nulla tenaci invia est via -- Latin motto meaning "for the tenacious, no road is impassable."

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Racism is not about how you look, it's about how people assign meaning to how you look. - Robin D.G. Kelley. The Race Exhibit, National Museum of Natural History, Washington DC.

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Coconut Bread (Pan de Coco)

Hello there! If you are new here, welcome to Lunes Latino (Latin Monday). I am so happy that you are here. Those that are regulars know that Lunes Latino means that I will be sharing every Monday a Latin recipe. A few weeks ago, I started a “sub-series” under Lunes Latino that is inspired onRead More »

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The system functioned relatively automatically, and the prevailing system of racial meanings, identities, and ideologies already seemed natural. Ninety percent of those admitted to prison for drug offenses in many states were Black or Latino, yet the mass incarceration of communities of color was explained in race-neutral terms, an adaptation to the needs and demands of the current political climate.”

What Three Kings Day means for us latinos?

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I actually have a theory that the pain of period cramps and the pain of being kicked in the balls is about the same but men just really don't handle it well

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