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AW Extra 7/10/14 - Shop-Built 3-Jaw-Chuck

Shop-Built 3-Jaw-Chuck A cheap, effective turning tool. Three-jaw lathe chucks are virtually indispensable for a turner, yet the cost of buying one can be prohibitive. Three-jaw chucks are useful when turning small pieces at low speed, and permit multi-axis turning. This shop-made chuck can be made from scraps of maple and a few machine screws. By changing the arrangement of the screw holes, this can also be made into …


Reverse-PVC & Plastic ball Lathe chuck ... Great for thin wall turning projects .... A "Should Have" for the serious wood turner ...


Machine small work unobstructed, A solution is to make a set of tool makers mini jaws, they clamp on to the regular jaws of the chuck so they expand and contract as normal.