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James Bond Latest SPECTRE Posters and TV Spots Released -...

Sony Pictures Entertainment and MGM have newly released an exciting IMAX Specter poster along with thrilling TV spots for teasing all 007 fans of the upcoming blockbuster 007 film. Just few days ahead of the Spectre opening on 26th October in UK IMAX has unveiled an exclusive poster which is probably the final one featuring none other than Daniel Craig as 007 wearing a customary mask in black and white contrast.

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Flight of the valkyrie: the Viking figurine that's heading for Britain

Flight of the valkyrie: the Viking figurine that's heading for Britain. 800AD. The thumb-sized figurine is made of gilded silver, with some black niello inlay decoration. The valkyrie is armed with a double-sided Viking sword and a round shield, her hair neatly twisted into a long ponytail forming a loop, which would point to it likely being a pendant. Gorgeous stuff!

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Download Odin v3.12.4 and v3.10.6 For Free (Latest Version)

Alex Stoddard Photography. Loki after they escape, he washes out his cuts then just sits in the water. Aspen comes over and sits with him. The first time he kisses her without it being desperate and fearful

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Borre style evolved at the latest c. 850 and was still used in the late 10th century. This art style was popular in areas settled by the Vikings. Borre style was mainly employed to decorate jewelry, belt-fittings and woodwork.

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