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Latest News On Syria

Dish for compliments

A cold, baked salmon, a mild mayonnaise and cucumber... Nigel Slater is hooked on a summer catch.

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Latest news on terrorist threats, natural disasters, and more. To be forewarned is to be forearmed: DoomsDay Headlines 1-16-2014: China, Pelicans Starving, Bunkers, Nuclear, FEMA, Radiation, Asset Bubble, ObamaCare, Nuclear Attack, Economy, HAARP

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RAF Typhoon in 350mph near-miss as close as 20ft over Lincolnshire

Pilot forced to take evasive action in skies over Lincolnshire with only length of double-decker bus to spare, official RAF report reveals

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Top News: "SYRIA POLITICS: Rebels Freeze Russian-Backed Peace Conference" - - Like previous Syria ceasefire deals, it has been shaky from the start, with repeated outbreaks of violence in some areas, but has largely held elsewhere. on Politics: World Political News Articles, Political Biography: Politicoscope -

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A nationwide ceasefire in Syria got off to a shaky start after midnight on Friday in the latest attempt to end nearly six years of bloodshed.

Top News: "SYRIA POLITICS: Assad Urges Peace Talks, Aleppo's Shelling, Air Strikes Continue" - - Insurgents seeking to oust Syrian President Bashar al-Assad have shelled government controlled areas of Aleppo throughout the conflict, which began in 2011. on Politics: World Political News Articles, Political Biography: Politicoscope - http://politicosco

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ISIS terrorists to captured Turkish Otokar Cobra armored vehicle near Al-Bab Footage of a captured Turkish Otokar Cobra armored vehicle has been released by ISIS on Friday. The Cobra is claimed to have been captured on the outskirts of Al-Bab in northern Syria.

Airstrike of the Syrian Air Force on command point of ISIS terrorists [the village Serves, Syria] As a result of airstrikes of the Syrian Air Force in the village Serbes, 20 km on the northeast of Aleppo, has been destroyed the buried command point of ISIS group. The airstrike was inflicted by the Syrian Su-24M. The accuracy of airstrikes was ensured by drones. [Video with drone]

Aramean Maronite Christian homes - Find the latest news about Israel, the Syria civil war and the Middle East at