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Pretty sure James would say himself as a joke and then say Sirius because let's face it, those two are practically married.

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Bad puns are our nation’s highest export (36 Photos)

So I know my birthday is like 6 months away but I need this in my life so can I get it as a late xmas gift/early bday gift?

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The 25 Weirdest Things That Have Happened On Late Night Tumblr

people like "it's called deduction use it" make me angry. they call us out for being uneducated when really they're the uneducated ones. the wage gap is real and it needs to stop.

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365 Happiness Project: Quote 286

I know this would be me. Im always getting stuff mixed up. Why didn't Noah slap those two mosquitos?

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Playing video games late at night

Playing video games late at night. Actually, this could apply to a lot of different things I do.

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I don't car how many times I pin this it will always be true in my mind

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not sure if book, phone, or person all i can say is wow