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Late Heavy Bombardment - 'The Late Heavy Bombardment (commonly referred to as the lunar cataclysm, or LHB) is a hypothetical event around 4.1 to 3.8 billion years ago. During this event an extraordinary number of the impact craters on the Moon would have formed, and by inference an extraordinary large number of impacts on Earth... Extrapolating lunar cratering rates to Earth: 22,000 craters with diameters >20 km, about 40 > 1,000 km, several > 5,000 km'

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The Late Heavy Bombardment and Other Impacts That Helped Shape Our Solar System

Impacts that not only shaped our solar system, but determined the orbital patterns of our planets..among other things.

Incoming! The LHB probably lasted a lot longer than previously thought, with some really big blasts, too.

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Ganymede and Callisto’s evolutionary paths diverged about 3.8 billion years ago during the Late Heavy Bombardment, the phase in lunar history dominated by large impact events.

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Comet and asteroid barrage may have given Martian life a leg-up

Late Heavy Bombardment: construction in the destruction? Comet and asteroid barrage may have given Martian life a leg-up Where Earth nurtured life, Mars (as far as we know) has not. But a seemingly destructive event some four billion years ago may have given Martian life the boost it needed.

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Interior density structures created by an outer solar system late heavy bombardment onto Ganymede (top row) and Callisto (bottom row): SwRI