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Simone Isaksen and her boyfriend Per-Aksel live in the village of Storslett in northern Norway. Six years ago, when she bought her house, Simone saw the potential in the late 70s home. The house was a good deal, charming, centrally located and she was especially attracted to the big windows in the living room. This last feature is even more important when you live in an area where autumn is marked by rapidly shortening days, the wettest season of the year, and which includes the first half…

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Why You Should Shop With Voucher Codes

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Sea Turtle Necklace Sea Glass Pale Aqua Sterling Silver Honu by Wave of LIfe™

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Home Organization: Stairs doubling as drawers. Modify your stairs so that each step can also hold a drawer for extra storage of all your stuff. The things you put inside would have to be of the occasional-to-rare use since these look like a pain to have to deal with on a regular basis.

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10 Subtle Signs of Bipolar Disorder

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Image result for toxic people quotes sayings

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#love #quotes more on - I'm done trying to make an effort to stay..

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