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Why we booked a last minute trip to Munich.

Booking a last minute trip to Munich. Logistics of getting there and moving around. Click through to read, I mention how much we paid too.

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Getting Last Minute Travel Deals

Planning a last minute trip can be expensive, but there are definitely ways to get last minute travel deals. Check out these tips and tricks on how to get cheap deals while traveling on a budget. We've also included links to the best sites for finding deals.

Keep a Grab-and-Go Bag of Toiletries on Hand for Last Minute Trips

Maybe you’ve got a last minute business trip, or maybe you decide to sleep over at a friend’s place on a Friday night. Whatever the scenario, it helps to have a quick bag of travel essentials on hand that you can grab before you go.

With over 2M homes worldwide, you can book a home on Airbnb right up until last minute - just look for the Instant Book lightning bolt. Sign up today and start planning your next dream vacation.

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Fukuoka City Tourist Information (Tenjin) (福岡市観光案内所 (天神))

Fukuoka Visitor's Center, Fukuoka Station, - 24 hours in Fukuoka on a shoestring budget

Everything You Need To Know About Planning A Last Minute Trip

Plan your next adventure with confidence! The open road is calling and State Farm will help you along that journey. Learn everything you need to know about planning a last-minute trip with these helpful tips.

7 Packing Lessons I Learned from a Last Minute Volunteer Trip

Have you ever booked a last minute trip and found yourself completely unprepared? Find out what this traveler learned when packing for a volunteer trip abroad!

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