key & mail storage - so cute

Keeper of the Keys: How To Never Lose Your Keys Again

Keys, mail And Photographs Cabinet. Dimensions (in cm): : 30 x 40 x (Length / Height / Width (Depth))

For a recent unit on organic chemistry for my IB students, I tried something new. I gave them a handout with a list of organic compounds (by class/functional group) and a list of mechanisms and reaction types. Their task (in small groups), using either butcher paper or a large whiteboard, was to create a flow chart of reaction pathways.

Creating an Organic Chemistry Reaction Pathways Flowchart as a Unit Summary

Incorporating writable walls into your office design is a great way to encourage collaboration at work.

Inspirational office design

Clearance Product: Two large whiteboards on either side of the unit.

Clearance Product: Two large whiteboards on either side of the unit.

Found it at AllModern - Large Whiteboard

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How to make a wall-sized whiteboard out of showerboard for around $30.

Cheap Whiteboard: easy instructions for a huge whiteboard. You can find all the supplies at your local hardware store!

Large Dry Erase Decal | Large Whiteboard Sticker Decal – Writeyboard

XL White Original

The XL Classic WriteyBoards are perfect for classrooms, labs, training rooms and outdoor settings. Get this large whiteboard sticker decal from WriteyBoard!

Such a cool idea! Stick-on, portable white boards or paint!  Large whiteboard - 4' x 6' ft. -

Just ordered a "Whiteyboard"-- it's a stick-on white board I'm going to put on the office wall.


Make a Giant Whiteboard for only $15